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On this site, you will find different projects developed for specific needs and opportunities for clients who in turn became friends. Design Consultancy is an area where the project is developed addressing the specific interest of the person you are working for. In such an endeavor, what is important is that the client can grow its business with its particular schedules and budgets. It is a tailored work where design can provide different solutions at different points in time. Therefore the consultancy grows and maintains through the years.

Design Consultancy at Dinoma combines the different skills and tools developed through the years, the capacity to construct different projects, and a mindset of how can a business be sustainable through time. The projects listed below are entrepreneurship where some clients still get in touch and ask for advice when the business grows.


Eboca is a Regenerated Food Business aimed to bring high-quality food with no preservatives or additives of any kind, to your table at home. You can order from a varied and tasty menu a premium selection from our chef, dishes that can remain safely refrigerated over two months. The food will arrive at your place and with a simple technique developed by professional cooks; you will enjoy a gastronomic experience like no other.

Eboca – regenerated food for delivery.

Cammarata Gioielli

Fabio Cammarata, one of the most sensitive jewelry designers from Italy, starts a relationship with Dinoma on the early 2009. The idea was to develop a strategy to launch his “People’s Collection” for the Couture Show in Las Vegas. It began with a strategy concept that has been since then, the compass for the development of his professional and personal life.

Fabio Cammarata. Lentate sul Seveso, Italy

Cosmetología y Estética

Cosmetología y estética is a place for the body and mind. The concept is to bring a wellness experience different from what you get in a SPA. All different services offered are tailored to meet patient`s expectations. Far from crowded places of their competitors, Cosmetología y Estetica de Luz Stella Garcia hides its treasure under her hands.
Thirty years of experience in the field, provide a unique understanding of what every person needs in different moments of life.

Cosmetología y Estética de Luz Stella Garcia. Bogotá, Colombia


One of the main problems a factory recurrently has is that workers get sick over time by the repetition of tasks. In Meals, that was one of the main problems to keep production going. The task analysis together with ergonomic studies allows to provide not only safe working environments but also allows to keeps a closer relationship with workers, understanding needs and thoughts, which in turn, become a better place to work.

Meals de Colombia. Bogotá, Colombia

Armani Casa

A collaboration with designer Marta Giardini, to produce a collection of objects for Armani Casa. The goal was to provide luxury and simplicity to daily objects. The collection was developed considering the role each material has in terms of expressivity and sensoriality. Each object is carefully developed considering size, proportions, and materials.

Marta Giardini Studio. Milán, Italy

Al Cubo

A Chef’s dream is coming true. After spending 12 years around the world learning and knowing all different tastes from different cultures, Luis Guillermo Pulido and his wife have embarked on a trip to their success. Dinoma is proud to become their business friend developing a service concept called Al Cubo. Six different options for the day is the strategy we want to enhance to provide customers with a unique food experience.

Al Cubo Restaurant. Bogotá, Colombia


Paleo is a community that defines their lifestyle trying to be like our hunter-gatherer ancestors. As nowadays is difficult to walk barefoot, it is important to understand the feet from a designer´s view. The task was to develop a complete guide for the development of Paleo’s footwear. The goal it will always be to have less shoe possible, but also understanding that cities are now constituted by artificial materials such as asphalt and bricks in which a barefoot can have difficulties to walk.

Paleo Footwear, Danielle Lafaurie. Bogotá, Colombia.


MK Gym is a project where body training is as important as mental training. The Gym combines the power of fitness with the strength of Yoga. The goal is to create a space where both philosophies live together. It is not intended to blend, but it is important to have both types of clients attend in harmony.

MK Gym. Asunción, Paraguay

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